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whatpeopleplay FAQ

How do I register?

Registering is easy! Click "register" on the top right of Whatpeopleplay´s frontpage. Complete the data (we need your adress for billing only - and you may need a correct invoice to prove your digital purchases if i.e. you perform with Whatpeopleplay´s music as a DJ in public - so please do fill in this data as accurate as possible. ) and click "submit".

Logging in at whatpeopleplay
What is my Login name?
Your login name is your registered Email address.
How do I use my password?
Please make sure you enter the password exactly like displayed using the capital and small letters! c. How to handle the Forgot Password section? Please click to "Forgot Password?" on the top right of whatpeopleplay's frontpage. If you have forgotten your password, just fill in your eMail address, you registered here with, and we will send you a new password. If this doesn't work please Email us to: people@whatpeopleplay.com

How to proceed if logging in fails?
Please check if cookies and JavaScript are enabled in your browser. (Do not worry, we need those for the login and purchasing process only - in example to "save" your shopping cart for the session you shop with us.) If you have both enabled and still cannot login pls try to set all your browser settings to "Default" and try again. It should work now. In case you still have problems please email us to people@whatpeopleplay.com with a brief description of the problem and the browser and OS you use.

Registering at Whatpeopleplay


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